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list of publications by dr. andreas elpidorou

edited journal issues

3. neglected emotions.” special issue of the monist (expected publication: 2020)

2. “the character of physicalism.” special issue of topoi, 37 (3), 2018. 

1. the phenomenology and science of emotions.” special issue of phenomenology and the cognitive sciences, 2015. (guest co-editor with l. freeman)

articles + book chapters

30. is boredom one or many? a functional solution to the problem of heterogeneity.mind & language, in press.

29. “on affect: function and phenomenology.” humana.mente, 11(34), 155-184, 2018.

28. "the bored mind is a guiding mind." phenomenology and the cognitive sciences, doi:10.1007/s11097-017-9515-1.

27. "the good of boredom.philosophical psychology, 31 (3): 323-351, 2018.

26. "boredom in art." behavioral and brain sciences, 40 doi:10.1017/s0140525x17001674, e359.

25. "emotions in early sartre: the primacy of frustration." midwest studies in philosophy, xli: 241-259, 2018.

24. “fear, anxiety, and boredom” (with l. freeman). in the routledge handbook of phenomenology of emotions, edited by t. szanto & h. landweer. new york: routledge. expected publication late 2018 

23. “is profound boredom boredom?” (with l. freeman). in heidegger on affect, edited by c. hadjioannou. new york: palgrave-macmillan.

22. "the moral dimensions of boredom: a call for research." review of general psychology, 21 (1): 30-48, 2017.

21. “introduction: the character of physicalism.” topoi, 2017. doi: 10.1007/s11245-017-9488-2 

20. "embodied conceivability: how to keep the phenomenal concept strategy grounded" (with g. dove). mind & language, 31 (5): 580-611, 2016.  

19. “horror, fear, and the sartrean account of emotions." the southern journal of philosophy, 54(2): 209-225, 2016. 

18. “seeing the impossible.” the journal of aesthetics and art criticism, 74 (1): 11-21, 2016. 

17. "a posteriori physicalism and introspection.“ pacific philosophical quarterly, 97(4): 474-500, 2016. 

16. "the bright side of boredom." frontiers in psychology, doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01245.

15. "the embodied and social dimensions of free will: the value of phenomenology." ajob, neuroscience 6(2): 1-2, 2015. 

14. “phenomenal concepts.” in oxford bibliographies in philosophy, edited by d. pritchard. new york: oxford university press, 2015. 

13. “affectivity in heidegger ii: temporality, boredom, and beyond” (with l. freeman). philosophy compass. 

12. “affectivity in heidegger i: moods and emotions in being and time” (with l. freeman). philosophy compass, 1-11, 2015. 

11. “the significance of boredom.” in philosophy of mind and phenomenology, edited by. d. dahlstrom, a. elpidorou, and w. hopp (pp. 268 – 283). new york: routledge, 2015. 

10. “introduction” (with d. dahlstrom and w. hopp). in philosophy of mind and phenomenology, edited by. d. dahlstrom, a. elpidorou, and w. hopp. new york: routledge, 2015

9. the phenomenology and science of emotions: an introduction” (with l. freeman). phenomenology and the cognitive sciences, 13 (4): 507-11, 2014. 

8. blocking the a priori passage.” acta analytica 29 (3): 285 – 307, 2014.

7. “reasoning about the mark of the cognitive: a response to adams and garrison.” minds and machines, 24: 201- 211, 2014. 

6. “having it both ways: consciousness unique, but not otherworldly.philosophia, 41 (4): 1181 – 1203, 2013. 

5. “moods and appraisals: how the phenomenology and science of emotions can come together.” human studies, 36 (4): 565-591, 2013. 

4. “the ‘new mind revisited’ or minding the vehicle/content distinction: a response to manzotti and pepperell.” ai & society, 28 (4): 461-466, 2013.

3. are phenomenal concepts perspectival?” southwest philosophy review, 28 (1): 43-53, 2012. 

2. “where’s my mind?” avant. the journal of philosophical-interdisciplinary vanguard, 3, 2012 (1) (also published in polish as: “gdzie jest mój umysł?” in avant, 3). 

1. “imagination in non-representational painting.” in reading sartre: on phenomenology and existentialism, edited by j. webber (pp. 15-30). london: routledge, 2012. 


reviews + conference proceedings

9. “christopher hill’s meaning, mind, and knowledge.” the philosophical review, 127 (2): 264-268.

8. “ted honderich: actual consciousness.” analysis, 75(4): 682-684.

7. “istvan aranyosi: the peripheral mind.” notre dame philosophical reviews, 2015. 

6. the oxford handbook of contemporary phenomenology (ed. d. zahavi).”notre dame philosophical reviews, 2013.

5. “mark rowlands: the new science of the mind.” philosophical psychology, 25 (5), 2012: 771-4. 

4. “robert d. rupert: cognitive systems and the extended mind.” minds and machines, 21 (1), 2011, 107-13. 

3. “alva noë: out of our heads.” minds and machines, 20 (1), 2010, 155-9.

2. “the upsurge of spontaneity and the rise of an undivided subject: the role and place of merleau-ponty in the dreyfus-mcdowell debate.” in in/visibility: perspectives on inclusion and exclusion, ed. l. freeman. vienna: institut für die wissenschaften vom menschen junior visiting fellows’ conference. vol. xxiv, 2009. 

1. “in/visibility: perspectives on inclusion and exclusion: introduction” (with l. freeman). in in/visibility: perspectives on inclusion and exclusion, ed. l. freeman. vienna: institut für die wissenschaften vom menschen junior visiting fellows’ conference. vol. xxiv, 2009. 

popular writing

2.“boredom’s push.” oxford university press blog

1. “the quiet alarm.” aeon magazine.

works in progress


the anatomy of boredom.  

articles & book chapters

5. “distinguishing boredom from frustration”

4.   “hempel’s revenge” (with g. dove)

3.   “the philosophy of boredom.” to appear in oxford bibliographies in philosophy.

2.  “getting boredom right: human psychology and immortality”

1. “new physicalism for the new mechanism”