at the university of louisville


at boston university





philosophy of emotions [spring 2017]

metaphysics [fall 2016]

introduction to philosophy [fall 2016, spring 2016, fall 2015]

consciousness [spring 2015]

epistemology of modality [spring 2014]

early modern [spring 2016]

contemporary ethical problems [spring 2016, fall 2014 x2, fall 2013x2]

critical thinking [fall 2015, spring 2015x2, spring 2014x2, fall 2013 x2]








Introduction to ethics [spring 2013]

extended minds and group minds [spring 2013]

mind, brain, and self [fall 2012]

medical ethics [fall 2012]

introduction to philosophy [2012]

great philosophers [fall 2012]

history of early modern philosophy [summer 2011]

introduction to philosophy

Sample syllabus

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